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We manufacture and/or supply range of laboratory equipment and glassware.

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1- Hotplate Magnetic Stirrers:


Models: SH-2, SH-2B*, SH-3, SH-4, SH-4C, and SH-5C


 Model  Description  plate size and material

Heating up to 380 C

Stirring volume: 1 litre  

 12 cm x 12 cm / aluminium

Heating up to 380 C

Stirring volume: 3 litre  

 17 cm x 17 cm / aluminium

Heating up to 380 C

Stirring volume: 5 litre  

 19 cm x 19 cm / ceramic




Heating up to 380 C

Stirring volume: 5 litre  

Digital display, PID controller, external Pt100 Temperature sensor

 19 cm x 19 cm / ceramic

*SH-2B: Magnetic stirrer without heating


2- Digital and Analogue Heating Mantles with Magnetic Stirrer in the following sizes:

  1. 50ml
  2. 100ml
  3. 250ml
  4. 500ml
  5. 1000ml
  6. 2000ml
  7. 3000ml

3- Overhead Mechanical Stirrers

(Analouge, digital, and digital with timer) 


4- pH and Water Conductivity Meters

(MESE is an exclusive distributor of Peak electrochemical and water quality analyzers)


5- Glassware


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Hotplates with magnetic stirrer

Heating mantle (digital) with magnetic stirrer

Overhead mechanical stirrer (digital and analouge)

pH and conductivity meters


60, 100, and 120 ml Chubby Squeeze PET Unicorn E-Liquid Bottles

Tube Furnace ME-T1200

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